Human Rights Activist and Wife Murdered in Haiti

It was only a week ago, this past Saturday February  8, that Daniel Dorsinvil and his wife, Girldy Lareche were shot and killed in Canapévert, Haiti, a business district of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Reports say the two were gunned down in the street in the middle of the afternoon; Daniel received one shot in the head and Girldy was shot five times. It is clear that this couple was targeted, though the police fail to provide motive.

Daniel was a leader of Platform for Haitian Organizations for the Defense of Human Rights (POHDH), an association of eight NGO institutions with shared principles and common practices. Human rights activists have a history of being targets of violence or intimidation in Haiti. It is Daniel's leadership in this organization that is thought to be the reason he was assassinated.

Human Rights organizations call for a swift and detailed investigation into the murders.

"Too many crimes and human rights violations in Haiti go unpunished. This should not be yet another case. It is the safety and the work of human rights defenders in the whole country which is at stake," Chiara Liguori, Amnesty International researcher on Haiti said.