UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti Releases Cholera Factsheet

Since cholera broke out in Haiti in 2010 an estimated 697,715 people have been affected by the illness and 8,547 have died from it, according to the MINUSTAH factsheet.

The outbreak has not been stifled yet. This year the disease is estimated to affect 45,000 people, a startling figure, even when compared to the 84,391 reported cases in October 2010.

With dwindling funds, supplies and personnel available to provide aid, the UN is worried that the epidemic may spread. There have been cases of cholera reported in the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico.

"Rising institutional death rates reflect the need to improve the quality of case management across the country, which is severely hampered by insufficient medical staff due to the lack of payment of salaries and incentives," the UN factsheet states.

This specific strain of cholera was traced back to UN Peacekeeping forces stationed in Haiti and is reported to have spread from their camps' untreated sewage. In October, The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti filed a lawsuit against the UN on behalf of 5,000 cholera victims. IJDH is still awaiting further action from the UN.