Haiti IDP Camp Burns to Ground, Arson Suspected

On the morning of January 11 a fire broke out at the Internally Displaced Persons' camp, The Kan Pèp Pwogresis (The Progressive People's Camp), where 108 families reside. The fire, as reported by the Haitian Times, took about an hour to spread from one corner of the camp and then engulf it entirely, leaving only scorched earth and remnants of belongings behind. No shelter was left untouched.

The rapid rate at which the fire spread left many to suspect arson, especially considering there were reports of threats to evict the residents of the camp.

"From the information available to us, it seems clear that Saturday’s act was criminal," said Jackson Doliscar, community organizer for Force for Reflection and Action on Housing. (FRAKKA)

Three people are left dead from the fire, including two children, according to the Haitian Times.

“Saturday’s fire brings to light the horrendous human rights violations being perpetrated against earthquake survivors across Haiti," said Ruth Messinger, president of American Jewish World Service. (AJWS)

There are earthquake victims still suffering from the tragedy today, many living in inhumane conditions. The official count of IDPs in Haiti is 172,000, according to a report released this past October. It is time for a long-term housing solution be agreed upon and put into action by Haitian authorities.

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