TransAfrica Concerned about Elections in Zimbabwe

TransAfrica is deeply concerned with the disenfranchisement of voters during the Zimbabwean elections on July 31, 2013.   Although these elections seem less marred by violence than the exercise in 2008, “The obstacles placed on voters and the process such as the failure to distribute an electronic voter register further hinder progress toward political normalcy in Zimbabwe,” said Nicole C. Lee, President of TransAfrica.  Reports from the country indicate many voters, particularly in urban areas were turned away at the polls for one administrative reason or another. 

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), the country’s non-governmental coalition monitoring the elections, has indicated that voting was “seriously compromised”.  TransAfrica is equally concerned with officials of the ruling ZANU-PF declaring victory before the official results are announced by the electoral commission.  This type of action further creates distrust in the process and places the country in undo political crisis.  We hope that all parties follow the appropriate procedures to ensure the people of Zimbabwe do not endure more hardships.