Nicole Lee steps down as President

May 1, 2014

Nicole Lee, the 3rd president of TransAfrica Forum (TAF), the nation’s oldest African American policy organization dedicated to advocacy for a just US foreign policy for Africa and Africans in the Diaspora has resigned.  Ms. Lee, a human rights lawyer, appointed by the Board of Directors in 2006, oversaw the expansion of the organization’s work into Latin America and Europe while executing a robust fundraising campaign despite the economic recession.  Ms. Lee was the first woman to be appointed to the position and the youngest president to ever serve as President of TransAfrica Forum. Nicole is leaving TransAfrica to finish a book on the Free South Africa Movement and pursue other projects.

TransAfrica Forum Board Chairman Danny Glover said, “We salute the leadership of Nicole Lee over the past eight years. Nicole brought new energy to TAF and centered the organization’s work on advocacy, building people to people ties in the Africa world, and consciousness raising of a new generation using social media, film, music, and the spoken word.  While Nicole’s leadership will be missed, she left the organization prepared to grapple with the US foreign policy challenges of the 21st Century. We thank our donors and partners for their support during Nicole’s leadership and we look forward to continuing those relationships.  Now, as in the past, there is a need for TAF to remain a progressive voice in the foreign policy arena.”

 Ms Lee said, “Leading TransAfrica has been the privilege of a lifetime.  I continue to be humbled by the dedication of our members, community, and the founders of this historic organization.  TransAfrica continues to stand for diversity in foreign affairs and justice for the Africa and Diaspora. These ideals have inspired me and generations of young people to stay engaged on issues impacting the globe”.

Dr. Sylvia Hill, Board member and one of the architects of the Free South Africa Movement, commented, before engaging a new President, the Board of Directors will embark upon a consultation process with our many partners on the renewed vision of the work of TransAfrica Forum (TAF). In the short term, the organization’s focus will be to preserve the history of TransAfrica, the Free South Africa Movement (FSAM), and Arthur Ashe library collection for future scholars and generations. This preservation is important to ensure that the work of many will be included in the historical record of Pan-Africanism and international solidarity.


Mandela Matters

TransAfrica is celebrating the life, legacy and values of Nelson Mandela during his 95th Year. On International Mandela Day, July 18th, TransAfrica, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa launched the celebration with a birthday party for Madiba. Read more about the event, the program, and how you can get involved in celebrating Mandela!

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TransAfrica is the oldest African American foreign policy organization. Founded during the anti-apartheid movement, TransAfrica is inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela to struggle for a world where people are free and thriving economically, socially and politically. For more than thirty years, TransAfrica has connected Americans to the key foreign policy issues for people of African descent throughout the world, with emphasis on U.S. trade and aid policies.

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