Scholars' Council

The Scholars’ Council is TransAfrica’s mobile, versatile think tank which with its words and information will provide a catalyst for collective activism on social justice issues in the African World. Rather than being a static, ivory tower body, the Scholars’ Council engages the public with timely, well researched analysis of issues affecting Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of the African Diaspora. The accessibility and mobility of the Scholars’ Council is illustrated in the periodic blog posts and commentaries in various media by council members.

Through the Scholars’ Council, TransAfrica amplifies and connects progressive voices from Africa and Western hemisphere—in U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. Scholar's Council members represent a broad spectrum in academia and civic society, in the fields of social science and culture.  Members are established and rising scholar/activists—for a mix of experience, and innovative ideas.

For more information on the Scholars' Council contact Mwiza Munthali at