"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela

Educational Programs

Readers’ Corner

The Readers’ Corner, TransAfrica’s book club, provides a forum for members to discuss and better understand issues affecting Africa and the Diaspora through topics expressed in contemporary and classic texts. The book club focuses on books about the African World with an emphasis on social justice issues and writers from the African World.

Members have the opportunity to nominate and vote on books that will be explored throughout the year. Books are chosen from six categories which cover issues on social justice, culture, history, problems faced by Africans’ and African descendants in the present-day, and other progressive topics. Chosen texts range in genres – fiction, non-fiction and poetry. These books contain an entertainment value, but also provide historical and analytic information about African issues.

One book is assigned every two months and members meet at a neighborhood library to express their opinions. Members are actively engaged in the process as they take turns moderating book discussions. The books explored in the Readers’ Corner often do not receive the recognition they deserve from the public. It is TransAfrica’s goal to highlight these lesser known texts. Book club members gain perspective and deeper understanding into Africans’ interconnected history, culture and heritage as they delve into stories and share opinions.

Writers’ Corner

TransAfrica partners with progressive bookstores to highlight writers’ works which address issues and cultures of Africa and the Africa Diaspora. These works range in topics, from politics, history, arts and culture. This program provides authors from the African World the opportunity to debut their most current works and serves as a public forum for prominent authors to share their writing in an interactive format. 

TransAfrica invites the author to present their work, give insight to their creative process, motives for writing, and explore the works’ theme. The partnering bookstore makes the writers’ work available so the public may enjoy a more diverse selection that may not be stocked in mainstream bookstores.

With this educational series TransAfrica hopes to encourage audiences to be more active in the issues, have a broader perspective of the African continent, and look at policy with fresh eyes. TransAfrica wants people to be excited to learn and make connections from history to issues in the modern world.

Africa Now

Africa Now! is a TransAfrica produced and WPFW owned radio talk show which addresses issues about Africa and the Diaspora. Hosted by Mwiza Munthali, a Malawi native who immigrated to America, the show presents a unique perspective into the African world. Munthali invites guests, experts in their fields, to speak on the show and discuss a wide array of issues – culture, history, human rights, politics, and current events. Discussions often relate to topics TransAfrica is promoting and taking action on.

Listen to the show live on Wednesdays between 1 – 2 PM EST in the DC metro at 89.3 FM or from anywhere across the country on wpfwfm.org. Listen anytime, anywhere to show recordings on our website.

Cabral Truth Circle

TransAfrica presents this discussion series that promotes the philosophy, “Each One Teach One”.

The Circle, named after Amilcar Cabral and Sojourner Truth, focuses on the history and political movements of Africa and the African Diaspora through a film screening and highlighting of a complementary book. 

Every other month, TransAfrica shows a short documentary and hosts a discussion linking history and current affairs, and encouraging individual and collective activism. Topics usually focus on current movements and issues, as our goal with this series is to galvanize the public into action to spread awareness.

TransAfrica provides pamphlets about the discussed topic to enable audience members to hold onto the information they learned and teach another person about it. Our organization encourages the public to take an active role in the African Diaspora and to more clearly understand these interconnected issues.

Viewpoint Lecture Series

TransAfrica hosts a discussion panel, the Viewpoint Lecture Series, to undertake in-depth examinations of contemporary issues integral to an informed appreciation for the political and socioeconomic fabric of Africa and the Diaspora. Field experts, may they be activists, administration personnel, scholars, or be experienced living in the country abroad, are chosen to sit on the panel and share their wealth of knowledge.

Through this series TransAfrica has the opportunity to educate the public about political policies, timely issues, and other problems that most people are unaware of. It is our hope to spur people into action with the Viewpoint Lecture Series and encourage more involvement in issues of the Diaspora and Africa.

Film Festivals

TransAfrica presents the New African Film Festival, DC Caribbean Film Festival, and the African Diaspora International Film Festival DC each year.

These film festivals explore the whole of the African world, may that be Africans in Europe, Latin America, the African continent, or the United States. These drama and documentary films express the culture and human experience of Africans and African descendants. The purpose of these festivals is to provide a venue for African artists to promote their works about African issues.

The selected movies are fun, entertaining, cover many genres and introduce broad issues. The stories engage the audience and allow them to more insight into African topics.