Africa Now March 11, 2015 Ethiopian Film on Migration and Other New African Films

Topic: Ethiopian Film on Migration and Other New African Films in DC.  We have all seen the images of Africans huddled in tiny boats trying to reach Europe—due to various push-pull factors.  This journey often ends with tragic consequences—such the death of 366 migrants (mostly from Eritrea) in October 2013 off the Italian island of Lampedusa.  In a recent incident on February 11 the International Organization of Migration reported that there were at least 300 people missing and believed to have drowned between Lampedusa and Libyan Coast.  

Theodros Teshome

Theodros Teshome

A new film from Ethiopia by filmmaker Theodros Teshome dramatizes the plight those who take the risky and dangerous trek—from East Africa through Libya, Italy, Mexico and finally to the U.S.  In the film Triangle—Going to America Kaleab (Solomon Bogale) and Jemal (Muluken Teshome), like many of their fellow countrymen, are willing to risk everything in hopes of finding a better life in America.  But are they chasing a dream?  On the arduous journey, they meet the beautiful Winta (Mahder Assefa), a fellow migrant from neighboring Eritrea.  Kaleab and Winta fall in love.  But their love for each other is tested as the group is met with violence, sickness and, ultimately, tragedy.  Joining Africa Now! to discuss this film and filmmaking in Ethiopia is Mr. Theodros Teshome.

Mr. Theodros Teshome is a leading figure in the Ethiopian film industry.  Teshome also known by his nickname Teddy Studio, is a Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor of films in Ethiopia and owner of Sebastopol Entertainment PLC and Teddy Studios.   Throughout his sixteen years in the film industry, Theodros Teshome has often dealt with social issues such as HIV, immigration, violence against women, etc.  He is a leader in Ethiopian films credited with having two of the highest grossing Ethiopian films of all time, “Abay vs. Vegas” and “Kezkaza Welafegn”. Teshome also owns cinemas in a number of cities in Ethiopia.

Also on Africa Now! today is Ms. Kishere Mbuya CEO of afrikafé to talk about the New African Film Festival, is being presented by AFI, Africa World Now Project and afrikafé March 12-19, 2015 at AFI Silver in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The film by Theodros Teshome,  Triangle—Going to America, will be opening night presentation.

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