Africa Now January 14, 2015 Contextualizing, Linking, Expanding Dr. King

Topic: Contextualizing, Linking, Expanding Dr. King.  One of the most often overlooked aspects of Dr. Martin Luther King in his evolution within the Black freedom movement (and its important understand the struggle as a freedom movement) is his ever evolving internationalism—and growth toward embracing a more overtly radical fight against racism—imperialism—and colonialism (militarism).  At this point Dr. King has been lost as we have been inundated with sound bites and narrow frames of reference when exploring Dr. King this is not by accident nor mistake…we must be clear this efforts have very direct purpose.  If examined properly.  Dr. King’s praxis in many respects was just as evolutionary as El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X)—they occupy ends of the same pole, not in opposition, but in reflection of the vibrations of their evolutionary paths.  Dr.King was living in revolutionary times that was grounded and guided by the foundation set by the work of towering international left activist such as Paul Robeson, W. E. B. Dubois, William Patterson, James and Esther Jackson, National Negro Congress, even the earlier more radical NAACP.

It is essential understand the entire—holistic picture when exploring figures such as Dr. King—if not we will miss vital frames of reference that can serve as a foundation upon which we can analyze situations properly in order to know how to address them—or get out of them—more importantly it important to separate the myth from Dr. King’s philosophy.  And that is what Africa Now! will attempt to do today with Dr. King's own voice.

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