Africa Now July 30, 2014 8th Pan African Congress and U.S. Support of Dictators

Topic and Guests: the Eighth Pan African Congress; and From the past to the Present--U.S. Support of Dictators.   

Horace Campbell

Horace Campbell

This week Africa Now! continues its series of programs to focus on what the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit really means for people on the African continent and beyond.  We will try to highlight what is missing in the discussions.  Today Africa Now! will focuses on Pan Africanism and the Pan African Congress as we approach twenty years since the last Pan African Congress; 51 years of the OAU/AU; and now on the eve of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit next week with Professor Horace Campbell.   Dr. Horace Campbell is professor in the Department of African American Studies and Department of Political Science at Syracuse University.  

Africa Now! today also spotlights U.S. Support of Dictators in Africa.  What do Joseph Mobutu, Hosni Mubarak, and Samuel Doe all have in common—they were all supported in their ascent to power by the United States.  And all were considered to lead their respective countries in a dictatorial manner.  For over 50 years human rights has tended to take a back seat to corporate, militaristic or other interests in U.S. Africa policy—this was starkly made clear when the United States government constantly supported the apartheid regime in South Africa.  Joining Africa Now! to discuss this topic in the context of the upcoming U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit next is Nii Akuetteh.  Mr. Nii Akuetteh is an independent Africa policy analyst based in Washington, DC. 

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