Africa Now June 11, 2014 Liberation, Caribbean American Heritage Month

Topic and Guests: An overview of Africa Now! month long series “African Liberation Month”: a focus on liberation and liberation movements throughout the African World, as we commemorate African Liberation Day on May 25.  The first week of May the show focused on the Black Left in the 21st Century—Where Do We Go from Here?  That was followed by highlighting liberation movements in the Caribbean; then Liberation Movements in Latin America.  Then Africa Now! focused on the Liberation Movements in Africa.  Last week the “African Liberation Month” highlight was Liberation and Liberation Movements in the United States.    Consistently stated over the past month, Africans worldwide have consistently sought freedom whatever condition: whether it was enslavement, colonization, segregation, neo-colonization etc.  The liberation struggles took many forms such the maroons to struggle to end enslavement and segregation to the Pan Africanist Movement. 

Featured: Dr. Greg Carr, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Chair of Afro-American Studies at Howard University and Adjunct Faculty at the Howard School of Law; Mr. James Early, the Director Cultural Heritage Policy at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage; award-winning independent filmmaker Professor Haile Gerima of the John H. Johnson School of Communications' Department of Radio, Television and Film at Howard University; and Dr. Quito Swan is an Associate Professor of African Diaspora History at Howard University.

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