Africa Now July 10, 2013 Deconstructing the Mandela Myth

Topic:  Deconstructing the Mandela Myth—A conversation about Nelson Mandela's  life, legacy, courage and leadership. In honor of Nelson Mandela's 95th  birthday Busboys and Poets’ series A Continuing Talk on Racism  (A.C.T.O.R.) on July 7 presented the discussion “De-Constructing the  Mandela Myth—A conversation about Nelson Mandela's life, legacy, courage  and leadership.” Panelists: Ms. Rebecca Bratter, Vice President, Joint  Aid Management [JAM] International; Ms. Nicole Lee, President,  TransAfrica; and Mr. William Lucy, former President of Coalition of  Black Trade Unionists. The moderator was Ms. Pamela Pinnock, Director of  Marketing and Events at Busboys and Poets. Click here to listen to the show.

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